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Your bathroom renovation project will require a team of experts if you want a luxury bathroom that resembles a spa experience. You’ll need craftsmen, contractors, designers, and someone to manage the project for a professionally planned bathroom. Geelong Bathroom Renovation Experts are a full-service company, which means we have all of the resources you require for bathroom renovations, all under one roof. We are a suitable option for you if you don’t want to be an owner-builder, DIY the bathroom, or project-manage the bathroom renovation process. Our staff will delight homeowners who desire to engage with an interior designer in Geelong.

Geelong Bathroom Renovations Experts For Your Bathroom Renovation

We are a leading bathroom renovation company in Geelong, with over great years of experience. We are the best solution for all your bathroom renovation needs because of our totally tailored designs, excellent customer service, inspirational showroom, and fantastic craftsmanship. We are completely licensed and insured, and all of our work is backed by a warranty. Every day begins and ends in your bathroom. It should be more than simply a location to get ready; it should also be a place where you may replenish and rest.

Our team of skilled designers and craftsmen is ready to bring your visions to life. We’ll change your current bathroom into a space that suits your vision and demands, from simple tweaks to a complete bathroom makeover, from transitional to contemporary designs. Our years of experience in this industry enable us to give you the highest quality renovation services. You can rely on our fast yet safe bathroom renovation services in Geelong.

Are You Looking for Geelong Bathroom Renovation Services?

If you are looking for remodeling services then you are at the right place, as we are offering a variety of services which include;

Bathroom renovations

Bathroom Renovations

We have all of the necessary tools to complete any bathroom renovations project. This implies you won't have to engage any additional contractors to finish the job. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your needs.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Our experienced designer will listen to your needs and recommend the best solutions for your bathroom space and personal style. Renderings of our final design will help you visualize every detail.

Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathroom Waterproofing

We have set down various industry-standard materials and chemical treatment in order to produce a great waterproof tile grout for your bathroom in Geelong. This ensures that no leakage or seepage ever gets in the way of our customers.

Shower screens installation

We customize shower and bath screens to meet your needs, and we can also repair most varieties of older screens. Your shower screen will be perfectly cut, fitted, and installed by us.

Our Bathroom Renovation Process

Communication and punctuality are important to the specialists on our team and the trade partners we work with at Geelong Bathroom Renovation Experts. You will first receive a formal written contract outlining the job description and payment details. Each project is assigned to a project manager who is solely responsible for the project’s completion. We go to great lengths to ensure that our consumers are satisfied. Our designers are here to develop a bathroom that is unique to your style and demands in the whole Geelong. 

While selecting materials from our design center, dedicated assistance is provided so you are not alone in putting together the finishing elements of color and style. We’ll provide you with a precise schedule of when we’ll start and finish your bathroom renovation. You’ll have access to an online communication gateway where you can speak with your complete team and view all of your papers at your fingertips.

Home Consultation

We will schedule a home visit where our bathroom designer will review and assess the area to be renovated. You will also provides you an opprtunity to have your input into the design and style of your new bathroom

Review Quote and Accept

A detailed quotation of the bathroom renovation scope of works is provided to you. This is a chance to make some modifications to the quote. After the quote has been accepted by you, we will prpare a detailed contract the fully descibes the bathroom renovation

Design and Select Accessories

The design and accessories selection will be prepared by our bathroom designer. Your preferences for style, colours, tiling options, cabinetry and bath are all taken into consideration for this.

Bathroom Layout

Our bathroom renovation team will provide a layout of the final bathroom. This will ensure that you are aware of the procedures and steps throughout the whole process.


The preparation stage wincludes removing all of the existing bathroom components, including tiles, bath, cabinetry, bathroom mirrors etc. We will endeavour to re-use some of the components where applicable

Rough In

The rough in is the installation of the bathrooms electrical and plumbing components that are located in the walls cavaities. This is done before the walls have any plasterboard applied to them.


The plasterboards are applied to the walls and ceiling.

Waterproof the Bathroom

Waterproffing a bathrom is acheive by applying a waterproof membrane to the bathroom. The membrane ensures that the bathroom is leak proof and ensures there are no leaks from the bathroom.

Bathroom Tiling

The bathroom tiles are applied to the bathroom. You will start to see the bathroom take some resemblance to the final result.

Joinery and Cabinets

The bathroom cabinets and vanity units will get installed in this stage. This will include any carpentry needs


Caulking is the application of a sealant to ensure all areas of the bathroom are water tight and prevent water damage


The fit-off is where all of the fixtures and fittings are applied to your new bathroom. This includes the bath, sinks, showers, shower screens, taps, baths lighting switches and light fittings.

Install Shower Screen

A relative simple task, a shower screen is installed to prevent water spillage or splashes when you take a shower..

Tidy Up

This is the final stage of your bathroom renovation. After we have removed all debris and cleaned and checked all fittings and fixures, your new bathroom will be ready to use.

Our Pledge

Geelong Bathroom Renovation Experts are commited to ensuring that your new bathroom renovation is an outstanding success.  We have continually improved our renovation process and methods, and kept up with the latest trends and techniques to ensure that evergy bathroom that we create meets the highest standards available.

Green Bathroom Renovations – helping the environment

Our bathroom design process and accessory selection is also designed to be Environment Friendly, and incorporate Environment Friendly practices , such as saving water by careful water-saving fittings and recycling water.

The bathroom holds a very special place in your home and we pledge to do everything possible to ensure that your new bathroom renovation exceeds your expectations and is a space that you will be delighted with.

Why Choose Geelong Bathroom Renovation Experts?

Our Top Priority Is Customer Satisfaction

We are here to assist you. We value excellent customer service. We work hard to make sure you're happy with the finished product, whether it's a shower renovation, a bathroom makeover, or a full bathroom redesign. As a result, we work closely with you at every stage of the process to ensure the best results possible. Our reputation is our best asset, and we achieve that by ensuring we provide a quality service to our customers to ensure that we surpass their expectations.

Renovation Services at an affordable Cost

Thanks to our affordable services, you can have the bathroom you've always desired. We keep our pricing cheap so that we can continue to service our Geelong customers. We work to your budget, and always assist you to ensure you get the best possible result for your new bathroom, based on your budget requirements.

We Offer Free Estimates

Because each bathroom is unique, each task we finish is also unique. We provide free estimates in Geelong so that we may understand more about your specific bathroom requirements and personalize our services accordingly. We will evaluate your current bathroom area and provide you with a written quote explaining the services we recommend. There are never any hidden fees or levies on your statement.

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It varies depending on your requirements and bathroom condition. On average it takes between 13 and 25 days to complete a full bathroom installation as part of a renovation.

It completely depends on you. If you have the budget to get it done at once and can cope with the renovation situation then do it at once. But if you want to keep it slow then do it in stages.

The entire bathroom floor requires waterproofing only if it is part of a walk-in shower or steam room. Otherwise, just waterproof the shower floor.

Yes, it is important to develop a plan that clearly states the goal for your renovation and includes designing inspiration and an outline of the work that needs to be completed. So, you can get your desired results.

A bathroom should have a minimum of 500-600 lumens in the room and 700-800 lumens in the task areas, such as the sink vanity and the shower. It must be neither too light nor too dark.

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Setting a budget for your bathroom renovation

The budget you create for your bathroom renovation should be realistic, including labor costs and unexpected expenses. The first thing to consider is what you’re willing to do on your own. While hiring a professional is an excellent idea, it’s better to put in some sweat equity. You can save money on labor costs if you’re handy with tools, or by moving cabinets. The money you save can be put toward other aspects of the renovation, or you can use it to cover other costs that might pop up along the way.

Bathroom Renovation Scope

Another important factor to consider when determining your budget for a bathroom renovation is the scope of the project. The amount of labor involved in the project will affect the overall cost. Before choosing the design of your remodel, it’s important to determine the exact cost of the work. This portion of your budget will be the largest component of the overall project. By taking time to properly plan out the plan, you’ll be able to receive a more accurate estimate and avoid surprises later on.

As with any home project, the scope of your renovation plays a big part in the final budget. It’s also important to estimate how much labor will be involved. In the bathroom, plumbing and electrical work are intricate and often require careful planning. Because bathrooms also tend to retain moisture, you’ll likely need to hire a contractor if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you don’t know about these issues in advance, it’s a good idea to budget for 20% of the total.

Selecting Bathroom Accessories?

When deciding on your bathroom renovation budget, take a look at what you already have and what you want to change. You may be surprised by what you find! In the end, a bathroom renovation can improve your quality of life and increase the value of your home. You’ll be glad you did. When you have the budget to spare, you can choose what you need. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the remodeling project, it’s better to have the right design before you start.

Impact of renovating a bathroom

When renovating a bathroom, consider the value of your home. An updated bathroom will increase the value of your home. The average return on investment for a bathroom remodel is 62 percent. This is far more than the return on investment from an added bedroom, which is typically worth thousands of dollars. Therefore, the cost of a bathroom renovation should not be underestimated. If you want to add a new shower or bathtub, consider a bigger renovation budget.

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