Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Update Your Bathroom

bathroom renovation ideas

The lavatory, the powder room, the washroom or the restroom — whatever you call it, it’s a vital space in your home that can often feel like it needs a little TLC. Fortunately, a few select updates can improve functionality and boost your home’s value.

From sleek showerheads that prevent limescale build-up to a bathroom vanity with built-in storage, there are plenty of ways to add a touch of luxury or update your everyday routine. These bathroom renovation ideas can help you create your dream bath without breaking the bank.

If you’re ready to start your remodel, first consider a new showerhead and faucet. These fixtures are one of the most popular upgrades and they make a big difference in the way your bathroom looks. Plus, the latest technology for showerheads and faucets can save you money by cutting down on water usage.

Another essential upgrade is replacing your bathroom floor, which can give the room a fresh new look and feel. Linoleum flooring is the cheapest, but vinyl plank and wood floors are also great choices. These floors can withstand moisture and stains, so they’re ideal for bathrooms that can get wet.

In addition to new wall tiles, you might choose to install a tile backsplash or even an entire shower surround. These details will add a pop of color and visual interest to the room. You can even use a herringbone pattern for something a bit more unique.

You’ll find plenty of tile patterns in all colors and finishes, but a natural material is always a good choice for the bathroom. Marble is an especially appealing option because it displays beautiful natural lines, specks and luscious colorations. This style pairs beautifully with simple fixtures and a neutral palette for a clean, modern look.

It’s also a good idea to include more lighting options when remodeling your bathroom. This can make the space feel more open and a little less crowded. A recessed light can be placed above your mirror and a fixture or pendant can hang above the tub, shower or sink. You can also install a vanity light that is flush with the wall for a more seamless appearance.

If you don’t have much room for storage in your bathroom, it may be time to install a freestanding closet. This will give you extra space to stash toiletries, towels and cleaning products while also offering a sleek, elegant look.

One of the most eye-catching bathroom remodeling ideas is an angled ceiling. This can be a full vaulted ceiling or you might opt for a slant, slope or peak in one part of the room. This ceiling adds visual interest and a bit of drama to the room.

While many of these bathroom renovation ideas can be done on your own, some projects (like plumbing) should be left to professionals. For the best results, work with a licensed professional to upgrade your bathroom from top to bottom. This way, you’ll have a functional and stylish bathroom that you can enjoy for years to come.