Tips on How to Renovate a Bathroom

If you’re looking for some tips on how to renovate a bathroom, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over budgeting and planning, choosing tile and fixtures, and more. After you’ve gone through these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to begin planning your bathroom renovation project. You can begin by planning the budget for your project. Next, determine which materials and fixtures you want to use, and consult with experts.


There are many costs involved in a bathroom renovation, from the material and labor to the final outcome. The price for a basic pull-and-replace bathroom remodel is around $45,000 and includes a new tile floor, bathtub with tile surround, semi-custom vanity, Quartz countertops, and new plumbing fixtures. However, these costs are only a starting point, so if you aren’t sure how much your project will cost, consider starting with a less expensive project.


While there are many factors to consider when planning a bathroom renovation, these 10 steps should be the most important. When tackling this project, don’t assume that things will fall into place without a plan in hand. A graph paper, tape measure, computer, cell phone, and a notebook are essential tools to ensure your project is a success. The internet is also a great resource when sourcing items for your bathroom renovation.

Choosing tile types

Choosing tile types for your bathroom should be based on your preference. First, determine where you want to put the tiles, then determine your budget. If you’re doing a complete bathroom renovation, then you can choose a high-end tile that is more expensive than you’d like to spend. Otherwise, choose a budget-friendly option. For example, you can choose a cheap tile for a shower niche, but if you’re doing a small bathroom, you may want to select tiles that are more economical.

Choosing fixtures

When planning to remodel your bathroom, the fixtures you choose can make a huge impact on the functionality and look of the room. The number of people who use the bathroom and the frequency with which they use it can influence the type of fixtures you should choose. Choosing the right fixtures can help you increase the value of your home and improve its functionality. In order to make the most informed decision, consult an experts. He or she will be able to guide you through the selection process, as well as give you tips on how to choose the best ones.

Protecting your home from a flood

One of the first things that you should do after a flood is to protect your home from mold growth. According to Ashley Small, spokesperson for FEMA, mold can grow within 24 hours of a flood. After that, you need to begin the drying process, remove wet materials from the affected areas, and contact your insurance company to report the flood. Once you are sure that the damage is minimal, clean surfaces with hot water and bleach.