Natural Stone Tiles For Bathroom Renovation

different stone tiles for bathroom renovation

There are many options for natural stone tiles in your bathroom renovation. Learn more about the different colors, sizes, and textures of stone tiles. We’ll also cover the cost of natural stone tiles. You can use one type in your entire bathroom or a combination of several types. Using natural stone tiles in your bathroom will add style and luxury to your space. Listed below are some of the most popular options:

Natural stone tile

While real stone is a luxury material for bathrooms, its price range is still quite affordable. Thanks to increased access to quarries and the competitive nature of the dealer market, more stone tile is now available for bathroom renovations. Stone is a durable material, suitable for almost any surface, including wet and damp areas. Some types of stone are more durable than others, so careful placement is essential to maintain their luster. Here are some examples of natural stone that you can choose for your bathroom renovation.

Types of stone tile

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for your bathroom renovation, consider using natural stone. It has a unique rustic appeal and is suitable for countertops and floors. There are several types of natural stone, including marble and limestone. Each stone type has its own benefits and disadvantages. You can find information on their pros and cons below. The following are some of the types of stone tile available. Read on to discover which is best for your bathroom renovation.

Colors of natural stone tile

Depending on the style of the room, the colors of natural stone tile can complement virtually any bathroom. Limestone is a relatively inexpensive option, and it can be a pale cream or white shade. Some types of limestone have minerals mixed throughout. Slate is a hard, durable stone that provides a non-slip surface. Slate is also available in gray, green, and black shades. Like marble, slate requires sealing and polishing to prevent water damage.

Cost of natural stone tile

Depending on the style and size, natural stone tiles can be expensive. The cost of removing and replacing old flooring can range from $2 to $8 per square foot. Additionally, these tiles must be sealed every year to protect them from water damage. To find out the average cost of natural stone tiles per square foot, use the Inch Calculator. You will be able to estimate the cost of natural stone tile for your bathroom renovation based on the square footage.

Maintenance of natural stone tile

Care should be taken to maintain your new bathroom renovation. Natural stone tile is very porous and absorbs water, which causes it to expand and contract. Excessive water damage can compromise the stone’s structure, resulting in major cracking problems. Therefore, it is important to regularly hire a stone cleaning service for regular upkeep. If you do not take care of your bathroom renovation properly, you may risk damaging your bathroom renovation project.