Ideas For Your Bathroom Renovation

ideas for your bathroom renovation

If you have a tiny bathroom, one of the best ideas for your renovation is to increase the space by taking advantage of the space in between wall studs. This will allow you to build a shower niche. In addition, you can also resize the tiles to make more space in the bathroom while leaving enough room to install baseboards. By doing so, you will give your bathroom a spacious appearance while matching the tile size to your fixtures.

Modern bathroom design

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, consider a few modern bathroom design ideas. A floating sink island is a fun way to give your bathroom a stylish update. It doesn’t have to be a large space, either. Even a small bathroom can feel spacious with a contemporary floating mirror.

A black-and-white bathroom can still feel inviting and luxurious. Interior designer Rhianna Jones added some warmth to her bathroom by choosing a wood-effect vanity. She also used dark wood tiling to create a focal point in the shower. In addition, Jenn Bannister clad the bathroom’s vanity cabinets in dark wood to give the room a sleek, seamless feel. The designer also added a thin vertical window, which provides natural light and maintains privacy.

Changing your washbasin and sanitaryware can also give your bathroom a completely new look. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a full bathroom renovation to add these stylish features. There are plenty of contemporary options to choose from. For instance, a see-through glass basin would look fabulous against blue tiles.

Minimalist bathroom design

If you’re in the market for a bathroom renovation, consider minimalist design. This style emphasizes the use of clean, white spaces with only a few accents and a few accent colors. Minimalist bathrooms are best suited for one base hue and two or three shades of that hue, but you can also incorporate darker shades in accents and fixtures to create contrast.

While many minimalist bathroom design ideas involve removing all unnecessary clutter, it is also important to maximize wall space. You can utilize wall space by adding floating shelves to hold towels or to display plants. Another good idea is installing recessed shelves for body washes, shampoos, and loofas. You can also use glass shower doors to create the illusion of a larger bathroom or to let in more light. If your bathroom is too small for a glass shower door, you can also install a clear or frosted shower curtain.

Modern bathroom designs are all about embracing the latest technology and trends, while eschewing traditional styles. This style incorporates minimalist sinks and fixtures, whitewashed walls, and statement tiles. It also features high-end materials, such as marble and glass shower enclosures. Traditional bathrooms, on the other hand, focus on antique style fixtures and furniture.

Retro bathroom design

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you may want to consider retro bathroom design ideas. This look is ideal for a bathroom that’s decades old, but doesn’t scream “kitsch.” It features vintage fixtures and color schemes. While you don’t want to go overboard with the retro vibe, you can still incorporate a modern touch if you’d like.

You can choose pastel tiles to evoke old-school style, or you can go with a more modern, ’50s look. You can even get a look at the pre-Joanna Gaines farmhouse look. This look was popular during the turn of the century and early ’20s. For inspiration, consider this bathroom, which incorporates a clawfoot tub, floral curtains, and vintage-styled furniture.

You can also use natural materials for your bathroom renovation, including wood. High-quality wood is often used for the base cabinets, vanity units, and chairs. This look is typical of the Northeastern U.S., where maple, oak, and cherry are common.