How to Renovate a Bathroom

how to renovate a bathroom

Whether you are looking to update your bathroom or are building from scratch, there are several things to consider. The biggest factor to keep in mind is your budget. A small renovation can be surprisingly inexpensive, and you can even save money by making simple upgrades.

Changing the colour of your walls and tile can make a big difference. You can also add accessories and storage space to the room. You can purchase items like a soap dish, towel bars, and a new shower curtain. This will help to freshen the room’s look.

Changing the lighting in the bathroom can also alter the mood. There are many ways to do this, and a qualified electrician can install upgraded fixtures. You can also buy a humidistat fan, which can work off the humidity in the room.

If you decide to do a complete overhaul, it can take anywhere from eight weeks to a couple of months to complete. You will need to get the permits and hire contractors. The cost of labour is one of the biggest factors determining the price of a bathroom remodel. You should budget two-thirds of your budget for labour, and the rest can be spent on tiles and fixtures.

The best way to start is by choosing a quality contractor. The best contractors will have references, as well as insurance. A reputable company will also offer a written commitment to completing the job in a timely fashion.

A good contractor will be able to evaluate your plumbing needs. They will be able to give you an estimate of how long the project will take, as well as a timetable. They will also be able to tell you if they can do the job for less than you expect. The average bathroom remodel costs around $11,000, but you can find some cheap solutions if you shop around.

There are hundreds of free bathroom improvement tips available online. You can visit the website of a professional bathroom remodeling service, or use a site like Nu-Trend to get some free tips. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also browse through hundreds of different themes and colours to get some ideas.

Among the specialized jobs you might need to hire professionals for are a plumber, a tiler, and an electrician. You can also hire an interior designer to help you with the details. The cost of these professionals will vary, but you should expect to pay at least five percent of the total cost of your bathroom remodel.

The best part about a bathroom renovation is that it is a relaxing project. When the work is completed, you will have a luxurious room that you can enjoy for years to come. You can also increase the value of your home. You can also put in a Jacuzzi tub. You can even add cabinets for storage.

The best bathroom renovation involves a little research and planning. By following the directions on a bathroom remodeling checklist, you should be able to complete the project in a smooth and stress-free manner.