How to Renovate a Bathroom

Bathroom renovation

While many people think that a bathroom renovation is only for the rich and famous, the truth is that this is actually the perfect space for a home improvement project. Bathroom renovation can also increase the value of a home, and can even enhance the plumbing system. There are many things to consider when renovating your bathroom, including lighting, storage, and a better plumbing system. If you have 100 square feet or less to work with, you can even add heated floors!

Improved plumbing system

During a bathroom renovation, one of the most common problems is a leaky faucet or a blocked water line. Water and sewer lines can get cracked and corrode over time. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can assess and repair the problem. A leaking pipe can cause damage to the bathroom and even health problems if mold grows. If you are renovating your bathroom, consider upgrading the plumbing system to ensure a smooth water flow.

While an updated plumbing system will increase the cost of your renovation, it is worth it if the parts are age-related and leaking. In addition, installing new materials may not match your current plumbing system, so it might be more cost-effective to replace the entire system. The most common problems are galvanized steel pipes and copper piping with pinhole leaks caused by hard water. Old and crudely constructed systems can also be incompatible with new materials, making them unfit for long-term use.

Improved lighting

Adding a skylight or installing a chandelier can provide the bathroom with ambient lighting. Overhead lights are usually the best choice for bathroom lighting because they cast the most flattering reflection. However, recessed overhead lighting will provide additional light, but they must be installed properly and protected against moisture. If you’re planning to install overhead lighting over a shower, a ceiling fan can provide the perfect ambient light. Alternatively, a skylight can provide a great deal of light and can also create a beautiful focal point.

For the best bathroom lighting, consider layering lights. Accent lights are ideal for accent lighting, and sconces directed toward the ceiling provide indirect illumination. Chandeliers add a luxurious touch. Additionally, natural light can be an excellent source of ventilation. It’s important to include windows in bathrooms, and at least 10 percent of the floor space should be open to allow for natural ventilation. To increase the amount of natural light, select windows that open easily and that are energy-efficient.

Adding storage

Adding storage to a bathroom renovation is a great way to create more space for your toiletries and other things. Your bathroom is not the largest room in your home, but it does need plenty of storage space. Adding shelving and cabinets is a great way to create more space without sacrificing the clean modern look. If you want to add storage to your bathroom without making it look too cluttered, consider installing cabinets or vanities.

Adding wall shelving over your commode is a great way to increase storage in your bathroom. You can also add shelving above your vanity or over your toilet to create more space. It is important that you choose a location where your storage will not obstruct other parts of the room. Make sure to place your storage above the toilet, and not behind it. This way, you won’t have to worry about your storage taking up valuable space.