How to Determine the Cost of a Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovation

If you’re looking to update the bathroom in your home, there are many options to choose from. From replacing the toilet to adding a new door, there are many options to consider. Before you make your final decision, remember to carefully consider the costs of these options. After all, a bathroom renovation project may require some significant changes to plumbing lines. If you’re not sure what to budget for, consult a professional. Below are some tips to help you determine the cost of a bathroom renovation project.

Costs of bathroom renovations

A typical bathroom renovation in Australia can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000, depending on the size of the space, materials used, fittings, and labor. Whether you hire an experts bathroom designer or do it yourself is up to you. While hiring a professional bathroom designer can offer many benefits, it will also increase the overall cost of the project. However, DIY bathroom renovation can be more economical and give you more freedom when it comes to choosing the fixtures and colors you want.

Costs of adding a toilet

Adding a toilet to a bathroom can increase the cost of the remodel. A full bathroom can cost $5,500 or more, while converting a half bathroom can cost less than $1,000. A separate plumbing cost may be required for a freestanding tub. Some renovation projects may involve converting a closet into a full bathroom, which can increase the costs. Adding a new toilet can also increase the cost of a bathroom renovation.

Cost of replacing a door

Replacing a bathroom door can be a relatively easy and inexpensive process. The cost of replacing a door will depend on the type of door you want to install and how damp the room is. You can plan your budget accordingly and make sure to include a few contingencies. In order to avoid mold growth, it is also a good idea to change the walls. If necessary, you can also replace the ceilings.

Cost of installing specialty drywall

When you’re planning to renovate your bathroom, the cost of installing specialty drywall is one of the most important factors to consider. It can increase your renovation costs if you find things behind the drywall that prevent it from being installed properly. These things can range from rodent and insect activity to wood rot and mold. These things need to be removed before the new drywall can be installed. For this reason, you should always contact reputable trade professionals before you start any project.

Cost of installing freestanding or modular bathroom furniture

The overall cost of a bathroom renovation can vary greatly, depending on the style, materials, and fixtures. Some features, such as spa-like shower fixtures, natural stone or quartz countertops, and ample storage space, can greatly increase the total cost. However, there are several components that will remain constant throughout the bathroom renovation process, regardless of size or type, such as toilets and fixtures. This can include the price of the materials themselves, the type of labour used, and the quality of the installation.