Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Common bathroom renovation mistakes

Whether you are renovating your own home or working with a bathroom renovation specialist, getting things right is essential. After all, the bathroom is often a room that adds value to your home so you will want it to be as attractive and functional as possible.

Planning the perfect bathroom involves a lot more than just choosing the right fixtures and fittings. It is also about ensuring that everything fits together smoothly and the room flows.

Cohesively layer texture, color and shape to create a sense of balance and harmony in the space. This is the best way to achieve a relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable and refreshed at all times.

Choose a palette that is cohesive to the rest of your house and is compatible with the size and layout of the bathroom. This can help keep the space from feeling too cluttered or too dark, especially if you are working with a smaller bathroom.

Use paint swatches, tile samples, textiles for shower curtains and window coverings, and rugs to plan your design ahead of time and to avoid any mismatches during installation. This will also give you the opportunity to tweak and adjust your look until it is completely right for your space.

Not all materials are created equal when it comes to bathrooms, so you need to be sure that the ones you choose will work with your new layout and will last a long time. For example, porcelain tile is a great option for bathrooms because it can resist stains and deterioration in humid environments.

Similarly, solid wood trim and doors are preferable over particle-board because they will not swell up in damp conditions. Likewise, plumbing fixtures made of brass or other metal are likely to last longer than plastic options.

Installing an appropriately sized exhaust fan in the bathroom is another important component of a successful renovation. Without proper ventilation, humidity gets trapped inside the bathroom and can cause mold, mildew, and other moisture-related problems.

Don’t forget to clean the bathroom fan regularly and vacuum it out of any construction debris, so you don’t have a build-up of mildew or mold in your newly renovated bathroom.

A good rule of thumb is to invest in a quality fan that is at least twice as large as the space it will be in. This will allow the air to circulate and remove excess moisture from the room so that your new paint job and grout don’t deteriorate or rust.

You should also be careful not to place a fan too high in the ceiling, as this can cause it to block natural light and make your bathroom appear dark and dingy.

Selecting the wrong type of tile for your bathroom is another common mistake. For instance, marble is a beautiful material for bathroom tiles but it requires a high maintenance schedule to keep the surface looking its best. Moreover, it can stain easily so it’s not an ideal choice for a small bathroom.