Choosing Bathroom Tiles

choosing bathroom tiles

When choosing bathroom tiles, there are a few things to keep in mind. Having a large selection can lead to visual clutter and can be expensive. You should limit yourself to three different shapes and colors to avoid visual chaos. This will give the room more personality and cohesion. A favorite tile can help you make your decision. If you have a limited budget, consider the cost of the tile before deciding where to place it. However, if you are planning on replacing the existing tile, there are some considerations that you should keep in mind before choosing.

Simple to clean

There are many ways to clean your bathroom tiles. You can try a few of them and save yourself a lot of hassle. One method requires some elbow grease and a glass tile cleaner. The two chemicals work well together and bond to grease to lift it off the surface. Another simple way to clean your bathroom tiles is by applying lemon juice. This mixture works very well on tile and grout. Wipe it off with a sponge and warm water.

Easy to maintain

If you’ve been thinking about installing new bathroom tiles but don’t know how to clean them properly, then you need to follow some basic tips. You should begin by wiping down the tiles daily. Next, you should give them a deep cleaning once a week. This may sound like a lot, but it will reduce the amount of scrubbing you have to do. Not only that, regular maintenance will help your tiles last longer, reduce buildup and reduce wear and tear. Moreover, it’s easy and quick to do.

Light colors

If you want to give a large space a spacious look, light colors for your bathroom tiles are the way to go. You can also go with light colored grout if you want to keep the look consistent. For instance, a light shade of grout on the shower floor and dark color on the walls would look good together. However, if you’re planning on using a light colored tile on your bathroom floors, make sure to choose a grout color that will not compete with your light-colored tiles.


There are many different types of patterns you can choose for your bathroom floor. Some are more traditional, while others are more contemporary. For example, you might want to use Spanish Mosaic Tiles for your bathroom floor. These tiles are made from a variety of different raw materials, and the classic patterns that are available are sure to make any bathroom floor look old-fashioned. You can find a pattern to suit your style, no matter what the room’s design is.


Bathroom tiles come in a variety of sizes. You can use small tiles on the walls and larger ones on the floor. You can also combine small and large tiles to create a different feel. Choose a tile size according to the overall look you want to achieve, and experiment with different shapes and sizes. Ultimately, the tile size will depend on your preference and the style of your bathroom. Read on to discover more about bathroom tile size.


Your budget should always be your first consideration when choosing bathroom tiles. Different types of tiles will cost different amounts, from inexpensive ceramic tiles to more expensive natural stone tiles. To choose the best tiles for your bathroom, you should first calculate the area of your room and then choose the tiles that match your taste and style. Then, consider your budget so that you can afford to purchase samples of the various tiles and see how they will look in your room. After determining your budget, you can eliminate some of the options that you feel are too expensive or not worth it.