Bathroom Tiling Options

bathroom tiling options

When looking for bathroom tiling options, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Materials that are durable, easy to maintain and resistant to moisture are important. These types of tiles should last for years to come and make an impact on your home.

Ceramic is the most popular choice amongst many homeowners. It is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Bathroom tiling made from ceramic is also resistant to water and mechanical damage. However, these types of tiles are not the cheapest option.

Porcelain is another popular option. Porcelain tiles are available in glazed or unglazed versions. Unglazed porcelain tiles are safer for use with underfloor heating. The downside is that they are more susceptible to chipping and scratching. If you are considering using these tiles, you should make sure you seal them properly to prevent any damage.

Wood is another common material for bathrooms. This type of floor offers a more natural look and is easy to clean. While it is more expensive than other flooring options, it is also very durable.

Metal is another material for tiling that has a wide range of applications. It can be used for a whole wall or can be added as an accent to your design. Depending on the look you are going for, metal tile can provide a modern or a more traditional style.

Vinyl is an affordable material for bathroom tiling. It is durable and easy to install. You can find many decorative vinyl tiles that offer a pattern on both sides.

Another option for bathroom tiling is slate. Although slate is more expensive, it is the toughest and most durable material. Other types of slate include travertine and granite. Those who are looking for a warm floor should consider parquet. Marble is also a great choice. But it is a highly porous surface, so you will need to polish it regularly.

Glass is another popular option. Glass tiles are often made from recycled glass. They can be used as an accent piece or for your entire bathroom. However, they are easily scratched and are slippery when wet. For this reason, it is best to use them on your walls.

Another option is to tile with pebbles. Pebbles can be sold as mosaics or as individual stones. They range in colors from pale grey to warm beige tones. They can add texture to your design and create a coastal holiday theme. Just be careful to seal them before grouting.

Finally, cork is a newer bathroom tiling option that is becoming very popular. Cork is a type of tree bark that is naturally water-resistant and elastic. In addition, it is a biodegradable material. Therefore, it is eco-friendly and makes a great addition to any bathroom.

When choosing bathroom tiling, you will want to ensure that the floor is strong enough to withstand the constant foot traffic and moisture. Also, you will need to choose materials that are resistant to temperature effects.