Bathroom Tiling Ideas For Small Spaces

Small bathrooms often create a sense of claustrophobia. Tile the entire floor to create continuity and a visually appealing feature. Larger tiles will make the room feel bigger while smaller tiles will have a limited effect on the overall design. A large bathroom can make the rest of the space seem smaller, which is particularly important for those who are claustrophobic. Here are some bathroom tiling ideas for small spaces:

bathroom tiling ideas

Monochrome tiles: If you’re working with a small bathroom, large, white tiles may not be the most practical solution. Large black and white squares are a great choice for small bathrooms. The white ceramic or porcelain tiles can create a subtle, yet calming effect. Landmade tiles are available in a range of neutral colours and can also be used for splashbacks behind sinks. If you’d prefer a different colour scheme, you can opt for a contrasting colour if the other tiles are too busy.

A feature wall is a great option for small bathrooms. You can choose a tile that looks stunning against a textured wall. Alternatively, you can use a decorative tile or a colourful one on the opposite wall. Remember to match the colour with the sanitary ware. Many people opt for monochrome colour schemes in their bathrooms. If you’d like to avoid clashing with other colours, choose a bright white tile for the walls and statement black tile for the flooring.

Mirrored tiles are another great idea. They create a focal point and bounce light off adjoining walls, which can make your bathroom look larger and brighter than before. They are also great for highlighting a statement piece of furniture or a basin. For a truly stunning effect, you can install mirrored tiles on the walls that face the bath. If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider a patterned tile instead of a plain coloured one.

For a more contemporary look, you can try brick tiles. These look great in a bathroom with exposed brick, but they also give a rustic feel to the space. If you’re a fan of exposed brick, you can choose to tile the walls of your bathroom with these tiles. If you have a modern bathroom, use a combination of textured and smooth tiles to create a more stylish effect. You can even use a combination of both types of materials for your floor, such as marble or glass mosaics.

Monochrome is a timeless color scheme that looks fantastic in any setting. Choosing a monochrome tile design for a small bathroom will make the room appear larger. In addition, it’s easy to achieve, as it looks stylish and classy. If you have a larger budget, you can use contrasting colours to add subtle depth. If you have a small space, a glossy floor and wall tiling ideas are perfect for small spaces.