Bathroom Tiling Ideas

One of the most popular colour schemes for bathrooms is black and white. This combination is timeless and works with most furnishings and fixtures. To create a dramatic effect, combine different types of tiles and fixtures to bring out the room’s unique character. Use mirror tiles to create a dramatic feature wall. Choosing a bathroom colour scheme that highlights your mirrors is a great way to make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

bathroom tiling ideas

A small bathroom can sometimes create a sense of confinement. This can be a problem if you are claustrophobic. To make the room feel larger, try tiling floor to ceiling with different tiles. This style also adds an eye-catching feature and makes the room seem more spacious. And if you’re on a budget, use different colours for different areas of the room.

When tiling your bathroom, try to use a large amount of grout-free tiles. This will help to conceal any grout lines and will make your bathroom look bigger than it really is. For those with low ceilings, you can also tile your walls up to the ceiling. But be careful, as this can make your bathroom look cramped and uneven. Instead, use small, square tiles that will add a splash of colour to the space.

Tiny tiles are a popular choice among designers. While they may look teeny, they have a big impact. By using different colour grout, you can easily distinguish the different tiles and make the room appear bigger. Alternatively, you can choose subway style bathroom tiles or chevron style tiles. They look great with any colour scheme and can be used as a focal point. If you’re looking for something different, you can also try mirrored metro tiles.

When tiling your bathroom, you should pay special attention to the shape of the room. For example, a compact room can be transformed into a luxury suite with a monochrome scheme. The colour scheme creates a distinct break between the different colours, making the low ceiling stand out. This is also a good option if you’re short on budget. If you want to create a statement wall, consider a simple and uncluttered wall in your bathroom.

Another popular idea for bathroom tiling is the use of two different kinds of tiles. If you’d like to make a statement, try alternating two types of floor and wall tiles. In this way, you can create a stunning visual effect and create a functional space. While these ideas may be simple, they’re still important to consider when tiling your bathroom. There are many benefits to this type of flooring.

Choosing the best tiles for your bathroom can be tricky. However, if you’re unsure of which style you’d prefer, consider the size of your bathroom. A large bathroom can easily be covered with large-format tiles, which are usually easier to install and saves time. On the other hand, a small bathroom can look much larger with a mid-sized white tile. It’s all about personal preference and style.