Bathroom Tiling Ideas

bathroom tiling ideas

Bathroom Tiling Ideas

Using tiles to create a focal point in your bathroom is a great way to add color and interest to a simple, sleek space. Bold, colorful tiles can create contrast and draw attention to the space. For a unique look, consider using bold contrasting colours, such as a deep sea-green tile. Use the same paint on the wall adjacent to the tiled wall to make the room look bigger and more interesting.

You can also try a feature wall to highlight a particular feature. For instance, you could use colourful tiles to highlight your bath, or use decorative tiles to create a feature wall. If your bathroom is small or has a low ceiling, this idea might not work well. Instead, use tiles to make the walls a focal point of the room. Using decorative tiles to cover the walls is a great way to create a unique design and make your bathroom stand out.

There are many other bathroom tiling ideas you can try. There are some patterns that are easy to replicate and that have a unique look to them. Using herringbone tiles in your bathroom can draw attention to vertical lines and hide floor imperfections. Another simple and trendy pattern is a basic brick tile design. A contrasting colour can make the effect pop! To make your bathroom unique, consider using a mosaic tile or a rectangular tiled area.

The chevron style tile looks unique and gives a bathroom a quirky feel. A panel of chevron style tiles is an excellent focal point and can create an interesting focal point in the space. Mirrored metro tiles add an extra touch of glamour to your bathroom, and they can be fitted on adjoining walls. You can also try a white-washed tiled wall. This design option makes the small space look spacious and bright.

Using two types of bathroom tile is an excellent way to make a bold statement. Choose two colours that match. You can also combine two colours to make a unique design. For example, you can alternate between two colours on the floor and walls. Using a combination of both white and blue tiles on the walls and the floor will give the room a cozy feel. It can also be combined with contrasting tiles that come in a wide range of colors.

The use of patterned tiles in the bathroom can add a fun and colourful touch to the room. A shower with a large area of patterned tiles can feel cramped and unattractive, so you can add a bold accent tile to make it more spacious. Whether you choose to use a bold patterned tile in the bathroom or a more subtle, elegant pattern, a mosaic will give your bathroom a unique look.