Bathroom Tiling Ideas

bathroom tiling ideas

Bathroom tiling ideas vary in design and implementation, from bold and bright to understated and traditional. Tiling the right areas can enhance the resale value of your home, and some types of tile can be more costly than others. Use wainscoting to add character to the walls and save money. For a unique look, tile the floor and paint the rest of the wall a glossy color.

For a unique style, combine mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are often used in bathrooms, and are great for bringing personality to the room. You can also use mosaic tiles in your bathroom if you’re looking for a contemporary look. New mosaic tiles are available in various colours and finishes and look great when combined with larger, more traditional tile. The following are some bathroom tiling ideas:

Monochrome colour scheme: Monochrome colour schemes are easy to achieve and look great in a smaller setting. Black and white metro tiles are a good choice for tiling small bathrooms. They look sleek and contemporary, and have a glossy finish that reflects light. These bathroom tiling ideas are easy to implement, and you’ll be pleased with the end results. To find out more about bathroom tiling, contact Bay Side Bathroom Renovations.

Wood effect tiles: With their wood-like appearance, these tiles can be an excellent choice for bathrooms with natural wood-style flooring. You can purchase natural-looking brown and sandy wood effect tiles, or white washed ones for a calming Scandinavian look. Wood-look tiles also look great in a low setting, and their glossy finish reflects light throughout the room. They are also low maintenance, and do not require sealing.

Hexagonal tiles: Hexagonal tiles give a striking feature wall and can also be used for flooring in the bathroom. They can be used to create a feature wall or use the hexagonal tiles in different colours and patterns. If you want a more traditional bathroom, metro tiles are more expensive than traditional ones. But they are also more durable and resistant to wear. There are a wide range of bathroom tiling ideas out there for you to explore.

Patterned bathroom tiles: While they can give your bathroom an entirely new look, they can also make your bathroom feel cluttered. You can create a focal point by using patterned tiles that will draw people’s attention away from the floor. These tiles are generally cheaper than other flooring materials, but they still create a dramatic visual impact. So, while choosing your bathroom tile, remember that the right design is the key to a stylish bathroom.