Bathroom Tiling Ideas

bathroom tiling ideas

To create a more cohesive look, consider two types of bathroom tiles. One way to create the desired look is to use two different colour tiles on the floor and wall. Or, choose two colours and alternate them. You can also use pattern tiles on the wall. Mix and match colours to make a bold statement. In this way, the bathroom looks larger than it actually is. In the meantime, you can keep the overall look modern and simple with white and beige tiles.

Bold veins are a popular choice for bathroom tile. Bold veins are not only eye-catching, but they also have the benefit of soaking up water marks. Another trend is leather-inspired tile. Stumpo recently finished a tile project that incorporates a leather-inspired pattern. The company searched high and low for the perfect tile to recreate the look, and they even imported it from Spain. This is just one example of the many modern bathroom tiling ideas.

Brick-effect tiles create the appearance of exposed brick. These tiles can be used in a bathroom for a more rustic feel. You can arrange the bricks in a herringbone pattern, and they complement a contemporary bathroom. If you want to add a rustic or vintage feel to your space, try brick tiles. They are also durable and look great! However, if you are on a budget, you may not be able to tile the whole bathroom in marble.

Patterned tiles work well in smaller spaces. Make sure that the floor tiles match the wall tiles. Alternatively, you can choose a pattern that will make your bathroom look larger. However, remember that too many patterns will ruin the overall effect. If you’re unsure of which pattern to choose, stick with white tiles. The combination of white and grey tiles makes a bathroom look spacious. There are many bathroom tiling ideas for any budget.

Mirrored tiles are another good option for a bathroom. The mirrored effect of the tiles reflects light, so they’re a great way to highlight statement furniture or certain areas of the room. The use of mirrored tiles can also be a good way to accent the feature piece in the bathroom, such as a beautiful basin or bath. This can also make the walls appear more spacious and increase resale value.

Monochrome colours are a timeless choice for a bathroom. Monochrome wall tiles work well with bright white walls. If you want to give the space a modern feel, opt for a statement black tile on the floor. You’ll have a beautiful, cozy bathroom. These are only a few ideas to try in this room. So, go ahead and take your time! There are several ways to create a modern yet timeless look.

Another bathroom tiling idea is to tile the floor to the ceiling. This way, the room feels bigger and the grout lines will be thinner. Also, it will make the room feel more open. It’s a good idea to consider the size of your bathroom. A small bathroom can feel claustrophobic and cramped. For this reason, tiling the floor to the ceiling will create a sense of continuity.