Bathroom Renovation – Three Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Beautiful

Bathroom renovation

There are several types of bathroom renovation, including gut and replace and change the layout. Gut and replace involves completely gutting the bathroom and installing new fixtures and wiring. Change the layout involves moving existing fixtures and completely replacing them. However, you must ensure that you have enough time to complete the project and that you are comfortable with the final outcome. To make changes, you should consider the following factors: time frame, cost, and materials. A bathroom renovation may be right for you if you have the funds and desire to change the layout of your bathroom.

Remodeling or renovating?

Performing a renovation or remodeling of a bathroom involves several layers of complexity and can take much longer than you originally expect. The timeline for a bathroom remodel depends on the last dependent thing to arrive. In addition to aesthetics, bathroom renovations increase the value of a home and add more functional space. For the best results, contact a professional remodeling company in Burnaby. These experts will help you make a decision on the best bathroom renovation and design for your home.

Homeowners often want their bathroom to look brand-new, but they also need it to be functional and comfortable. Whether a renovation involves a small change such as painting the walls or adding a new sink, it’s a good idea to plan it beforehand. Bathrooms are the most heavily inspected rooms in a home, which means they can add a great deal to its value. Here are some tips to help you plan your project:


Whether you’re reimagining a dated space or a new home, you need to consider the costs of your bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovation costs can vary wildly, and you’ll want to account for variations in price and unforeseen circumstances. A good idea is to calculate the total cost up front, and then divide it into three categories: finishing materials, plumbing, and furniture. You’ll also want to consider how many fixtures you want, and how much each will cost.

The cost of a bathroom renovation can range from $15 to $30,000, depending on the size of the space, the style of the renovation, and the quality of materials used. For example, if you want a new floor, it will cost between $7 and $20 per square foot. On average, a mid-range bathroom renovation costs between $15,000 and $30,000, depending on how intricate the renovation is. A more costly bathroom renovation can cost more than $50,000 if you have to replace the plumbing and electrical system. Fortunately, there are cheaper ways to make the bathroom look beautiful and update the plumbing system, which can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.


The idealized timeline for bathroom renovation is one that eliminates dead days and gaps between workers. It also assumes that the next worker steps right into the gap. In reality, however, the timeline for bathroom renovation can double or triple. That’s because removing old materials and moving them can delay the project by a few days. The first week of the project should involve the demolition of the old bathroom and the removal of old fixtures. Next, the plumber will install new plumbing and electrical systems, which can take up to two days.

The next step in the timeline for bathroom renovation is to make a wish list of features you’d like your bathroom to have. Make sure that you include the time needed to clean and sanitize the new bathroom. A wish list is an important tool to keep you on track while you wait for the renovation to be completed. Once you have a wish list, it will be easier to move forward when you’re ready.


Choosing the right materials for your bathroom renovation can be tricky. You want a new bathroom to be as attractive as possible, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on it. If you’re not sure where to start, consider these three easy ways to make your bathroom more beautiful. First, decide what you want to change about the bathroom. Are you redecorating to add space, or is your bathroom too dark? Choose a bold color to update the room.

To begin, remove old fixtures. Whether you’re remodeling an entire bathroom or a few square feet, you should take down all old plumbing. If your bathroom is a little more than 100 square feet, you can get heated floors. A new tub or shower also saves money on energy bills. Make sure to turn off the electricity in the bathroom while you’re remodeling. Be sure to wear safety goggles and hard-toed shoes to protect yourself while you’re working in there.