Bathroom Renovation Ideas – Small Upgrades That Can Make a Big Impact

bathroom renovation ideas

Bathroom Renovation Ideas – Small Upgrades That Can Make a Big Impact

If you have a bathroom that is not working for you, you might want to consider renovating it. There are many bathroom renovation ideas that can be used to make it look fresh. Some of the main factors to take into consideration include the size of the room, accessibility, and the cost. However, there are also small upgrades you can make that can make a big difference.

For a modern feel, consider a neutral color palette. White, gray, and light browns are great colors to consider. Then, add in a touch of a dark wood or marble, which can make the space feel warm and inviting.

Adding a raised platform bathtub will create a luxurious spa-like feel. You can even finish the tub with stone or tile. It will be a great focal point in your bathroom.

If you have a long, narrow room, you can artificially expand it by placing mirrors along the wall. This will reflect the natural light and give the space a wider feel. You can also use different shades of wall color to give the room a softer and more relaxing ambiance.

You can also make a big impact with your sink or bathtub. Marble is a versatile material that you can use on countertops and walls. It can also be a good choice for floor tiles. It isn’t too pricey, and will work well with any design theme.

Another bathroom renovation idea that can be done on a limited budget is to upgrade your tile. There are numerous options available, including marble, classic subway tiles, or glass. You can also try microcement, a substance that can be applied to any surface. This method can be applied to almost any existing tile, and can add a modern and elevated feel.

A new toilet can also make a big impact. Adding a wall-mounted toilet to a bathroom makes cleaning easier. It also allows you to avoid odd angles that collect dust. This style of WC can also be recessed into the wall, creating a built-in look.

You can also choose a bold light fixture to make a statement. Adding a potted plant can help achieve a soothing and serene ambiance. If you don’t have the space for plants, you can add a large countertop along the wall for storage.

If you have a smaller bathroom, you can use a corner shower to maximize the space. You can also choose to install a frameless shower, which will make cleaning a breeze. You can also add metallic accents and contrast hinges to enhance the appearance.

The latest trend is to coordinate your tile throughout the entire room. This can be a simple and effective bathroom renovation idea that will tie your whole space together.

You can also incorporate a hand shower into your design. It is easy to use and can also be a part of a larger ceiling shower. The advantage of this is that you can mix and match your showerheads.