Bathroom Renovation Ideas For a Budget-Friendly Upgrade

Bathrooms are a great place to make a big impact, and the right bathroom renovation ideas can help you create the space of your dreams. However, before you start tearing down walls and pulling up flooring, be sure to set aside a budget for your project.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly upgrade, consider incorporating more natural elements into your design. For example, adding plants can remove toxins from the air and improve the humidity levels of your room. You can also add a sound system for relaxation or use LED strip lights to uplight countertops and cabinets.

Dark Floors – For an upscale look, consider using darker floors. This will help to contrast with lighter tile for a clean and contemporary feel.

Marble – Natural stone is a versatile material that can be used for any surface area in your home. It can be used on your counters, sinks or even wall tiles. It doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re looking for a more formal or traditional style, it’s a good option.

Floating Vanities – If your bathroom is small, installing a floating vanity can open the space up visually and give you more storage space for toiletries. This bathroom remodel idea also increases the value of your home.

Built-Ins – For very small bathrooms, build-ins can be an inexpensive way to save space. You can incorporate a recessed soap dish, medicine cabinet or even toilet roll holder into the design to pry out more of your available room.

Concealed Valve – During your bathroom renovation, ask the plumber to conceal pipework and services where possible. This will reduce the chances of leaking and make the installation of tiling and flooring much easier.

Installing a walk-in shower or tub can be a great bathroom remodeling idea for older or disabled people. They’re easy to use and will help to alleviate some of the stresses of daily life. They’re also a good idea if you plan to sell your house in the future as they can increase its value.

A whirlpool bathtub is a great way to relax and unwind. These tubs feature power jets and are available in a variety of styles, from antique to modern. You can even opt for a clawfoot tub if you want to go with a shabby chic theme.

You can create an organic vibe in your bathroom by integrating plants and other greenery into the design. You can add lucky bamboo, ferns and other greenery that will thrive in the humidity of your bathroom, which is often higher than other parts of the house.

The right lighting can make a huge difference in your bathroom. If you can’t have windows, try incorporating diffuse ceiling lights or sconces on either side of the mirror. You can also install a framed mirror on the wall or even paint your existing one a different color.

If you have kids, a child-friendly vanity is a must for your bathroom remodel. These can have a smaller sink and a lower height that will allow younger kids to have access without a struggle.