Bathroom Renovation Ideas – Adding a Glass Wall Or Frame to Your Bathroom

bathroom renovation ideas

If you are considering bathroom renovation ideas, you have a wide variety of options. From adding a glass wall or frame to the existing bathroom, you will find an array of different options. From changing out outdated fixtures to installing new ones, there is a bathroom renovation that’s perfect for everyone. However, you may not know where to start. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Listed below are some of my favorites:

Glass walls

Glass walls are a great way to showcase a bathroom renovation. The sleek, modern look will instantly elevate any space and can be a low-maintenance option. Since the glass will never need painting or grout cleaning, the main benefit of glass walls is that they are completely maintenance-free. Plus, the absence of grout means you can enjoy a bathroom that’s as beautiful as it is comfortable. Listed below are some reasons why you should consider a glass wall in your bathroom renovation.

Framed mirrors

Many bathroom renovation ideas call for a framed mirror. It gives the bathroom a luxurious look, and can be placed over a vanity or double sink. The symmetry of a framed mirror can be pleasing and works well with various styles. In the bathroom of two LG Studio designers, a pink bathroom was created with a framed mirror above the sink. Mirrors can work well with any type of color scheme, as they are both practical and beautiful.

Floating vanity

Using a floating vanity in your bathroom renovation project is a great way to make your room look bigger and more functional. Its open design allows more floor space beneath, and it offers drawers and open shelves for added storage. You can even choose to install LED lighting to add a bit of ambiance. This type of vanity can be installed by a professional, but it may not be suitable for a traditionally designed bathroom.

Trough sink

Trough sinks are an excellent option for narrow bathrooms. They are installed on the wall and are a great way to save floor space. The plumbing is concealed behind the tiled wall. These sinks are more difficult to install, and a plumber should be called in to do it properly. Trough sinks come in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials. Here are 13 examples of beautiful contemporary trough sinks.

Floating vanity with custom cut-out for kitty litter

There are a number of advantages to adding a floating vanity with a kitty litter cutout to your bathroom. Not only is this unique design functional, it also offers a clean aesthetic, since it is made of two separate pieces. The front doors allow you to display items on the top cabinet, and the cutout keeps kitty litter off the floor. Floating vanities also look more like furniture than they are fixtures.

Toilets with hidden flush tanks

Installing a toilet with a hidden flush tank can be a good idea if you want to update the look of your bathroom. It also saves space in your bathroom. This type of toilet also comes with a removable flush plate to make cleaning easier. A wall-mounted toilet is difficult to retrofit because you will need to remove the drywall to get to the tank. In addition, you will need to reinforce the wall to install this type of toilet.