Bathroom Design Ideas – Using Mirrors, Cabinetry, and Lighting to Transform Your Bathroom

bathroom design ideas

A feature wall can add a “WOW” factor to your bathroom. You can paint this wall a bright color or use mosaics or antique designs. The mirrors themselves can be simple or elaborate. It’s all up to you! Then, use a vanity mirror and a matching sink to complement the overall theme of the bathroom. A skylight can add a touch of opulence while LED strips can be discreetly installed.

For a traditional look, long slabs of tile and a striated or patterned pattern on the floor can give the room a classic yet elegant feel. However, for a more contemporary feel, you can use a smaller tile mosaic to make the space look larger. Use a small amount of chocolate brown to create accents. Then, use it sparingly on the walls and sink cabinets. You can use a stained glass window in the bathroom to change the color of the light.

While choosing a vanity, you should be sure to select one that reflects your personality. Wooden walls are an attractive option, but they are subject to mold and must be protected from excessive moisture. If you must have wood panel walls in your bathroom, then use PVC panels instead. This will mimic the look of wood panels, but are better for a humid environment. PVC panels run half-way up the wall. Adding an open shelf in your bathroom can hide unwanted windows while adding personality.

Color blocking is a trend in the fashion world and can also be applied to a bathroom. The most effective way to achieve this effect is to use eye-catching tile patterns. A floor rug with circular motifs resembling tiles, accent walls that are painted in mint or beige, and a white tile mosaic on the wall beside the toilet will create an interesting effect. A large multi-panel mirror and a stained glass window will help bounce light throughout the room.

You can also use the attic as an extra bathroom if you have a loft. Then, you can make the bathroom feel’spacious’ by adding a recessed shelf or a shower cubicle in an unused corner. The space under the lofty ceiling is often wasted space, so a floating cabinet will ground the room. A mirror on the counter can ‘double’ the size of the bathroom. Another way to make a bathroom appear larger is to tile halfway up the wall. This saves tiles and creates a spacious look.

Adding texture and color to your bathroom can be as simple as laying down large-format tiles. You can tile the entire room, half of it, or even a feature wall. You can also use mosaic tiles to create different shapes, like hexagons, diamonds, or small rectangles. And, as a bonus, you can easily add a sink or mirror with the tiles. The possibilities are endless. And, if you have a limited budget, you can also incorporate mosaic tiles in your kitchen.