Bathroom Design Ideas – Using Mirrors and Tapware to Transform Your Bathroom

There are a number of ways to create the illusion of height in your bathroom. A feature wall can be tiled or painted in a bright colour, while another option is to install a skylight in the middle of the room. Whatever you choose, make sure that the wall’s colour contrasts with the rest of the room. Adding a skylight will make the wall stand out and add a sense of space to the room, while a discreet LED strip can draw attention to specific parts of the room.

Incorporate patterns, colors, and shapes into your bathroom design. A stunning example of fun bathroom design ideas comes from the portfolio of 2LG Studio. This bathroom features a circular vanity with a linear frame, and oval sinks. To further add symmetry, try putting a large mirror beneath a window or using a pendant to provide a little privacy. Another example of a fun bathroom is an interior designed by Eric Olsen.

Another way to create a funky look is to incorporate artwork above the sink. Instead of hanging a chandelier or a large mirror above the sink, consider using a slim pendant light to highlight a wall-mounted mirror. A freestanding marble tub will make the room look playful and fun. And, if you’re going for a Victorian-style feel, think about incorporating some old-school fixtures that are fun and playful.

Bathrooms are spaces where we get ready for the day, and a mirror is a must-have. Selecting the right mirror can give your bathroom a design layer that will make it more functional and attractive. Rectangular mirrors and round mirrors are popular choices. They can also be unframed if you’d like to get creative with them. You can also try a custom-made mirror. You can choose one that is custom-made or has a frame, depending on your budget.

A small bathroom can be beautiful and functional without looking crowded. Consider a pedestal sink, a clear glass door, and glossy ceramic tiles to give the illusion of space. If you’re short on space, consider installing wall-mounted modular furniture. A wide mirror will give the room a depth it otherwise doesn’t have. Then, consider adding an extra large mirror above the sink. It can add to the look of the room without taking up valuable floor space.

Before you start planning the layout of your bathroom, make sure to consider what your priorities are. Are you planning a family bathroom or an en-suite? If you’re a single parent, you’ll want to include a space for children. A separate toilet is a great idea if you have small children. Double basins are another great option, and a spa is an extra luxury. Lastly, you’ll want to consider the lighting and ventilation in your bathroom. Make sure that the design is practical for your lifestyle, and ensure that you don’t crowd your space with unnecessary objects.

For bathrooms with bathtubs, you can choose a whirlpool tub or a platform shower. The bathtub deck can be decorated with marbles, tiles, or wood panels. For a more cost-efficient option, install a shower head over the bathtub. A showerhead can save you a significant amount of money. If you want your bathroom to be more functional, you might want to consider a separate toilet for the bathtub.