Bathroom Design Ideas – Using Cabinetry and Lighting to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

To make a small bathroom look larger, try installing a skylight. This will bring in more light, making it appear more spacious. The right kind of lights can set a certain mood. Ambient lights create a relaxing presence during the night, while accent lights are used to highlight certain areas of the bathroom. Choosing the right lighting is essential if you want to make a small room seem bigger. There are numerous options for lighting, so find one that fits your needs.

bathroom design ideas

Another idea is to use an attic or a spare bedroom. Those with lofty ceilings will find it difficult to get around. A large floating cabinet can help to ground the room. Using a counter-to-ceiling mirror can make the room appear much larger. Alternatively, awkward corners in the walls can be used for shower cubicles or recessed shelves. You can also combine a traditional and contemporary look.

To create an effect that is both stylish and functional, try painting a wall a bold color. However, make sure the color contrasts with the rest of the room. If you do not have the space to do so, you can use a tiled wall or a turquoise color. In addition, you can also use a skylight or a window to let in natural light. Adding natural light will not only help reduce mold in the bathroom, but will also reduce energy costs.

Feature walls are another good option to add character to your bathroom. Plants not only help to purify the air, but can also help you relax. They can even relieve stress and anxiety. The high humidity of the bathroom is perfect for them. And you don’t have to invest in huge plant pots – a small plant placed in a planter box can easily fit on any surface. The best part about tiling the walls in a small bathroom is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

You can use any type of tile in the bathroom. A long slab of tile will give the room a traditional, elegant look. You can also install a large mirror over the sink. The wall can be darker than the floor, and you can choose a white tub coping. You can even install a stained glass window instead of a white toilet. Moreover, you can use a dark-colored floor to create a dark bathroom.

Paint the walls halfway up. By using a darker-coloured paint shade, you will create the illusion of height. It will make the room appear wider. A bathroom with a large ceiling will appear taller. The smaller room will appear narrower. Consider the ceiling height and ceiling color. A white marble floor will create a contrasting effect. Whether you choose a contemporary or traditional style, it is important to choose the right colour and tile for your bathroom.