Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces

A small bathroom can be transformed with a simple change of finishes and features. A Crittall style shower screen and a skylight add drama and light, and a pale colour scheme makes the space seem brighter and more airy. High-quality brassware and tiles are essential in small spaces, while pocket doors are a great way to combine a bathroom and laundry room. They slide into a wall cavity and give you more space.

bathroom design ideas

A bathroom should flow with the rest of the house, so choose a color palette that will complement the rest of the home. If you have a large home, choose bold statement tiles and timber accents to carry the theme throughout. Likewise, bathroom fixtures can help boost the overall style of the space. A few ideas are listed below to inspire you to create a stylish bathroom. No matter how small, you can create a luxurious oasis in your bathroom.

The trend of color blocking is all the rage in the fashion world, and it can work in small bathrooms as well. Try a floor rug with circular motifs that resemble tile. A mosaic tile pattern on the accent wall beside the toilet gives the room a vibrant look. Use a pale gray tile on the vanity and closet, and use a sculptural metallic sink as your accent wall. You can also add recessed tub shelving for storage.

Creating more storage is essential for small bathrooms. Adding shelves above the vanity mirror and the toilet can help the space feel bigger. A large floating cabinet and a counter-to-ceiling mirror can ground the space and increase the illusion of space. By repurposing unused wall space, you can even ‘double’ the size of the bathroom. Similarly, awkward corners can be turned into a mirror and recessed shelves.

Adding a tropical plant will lift your mood and help you relax. A palm tree can also add character to a bathroom. Using classic whites with brass accents will create a timeless space that suits your needs. Choosing the right combination of features is a must for a modern-day look. The right combination will make your bathroom look luxurious and inviting. This can be achieved by experimenting with colour and pattern. You can also try a bathtub and shower combo.

Consider using a theme in the bathroom. Themes are great for a small space and can be inspired by personal interests. For example, a client who loves ship paintings could have his primary bath designed around his collection. His gold pendant and vintage trunks would nod to his maritime adventures. Incorporating a theme in the bathroom will create a stylish and comfortable space for the owner. Theme is one of the best ways to decorate a bathroom.