Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces

bathroom design ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces

The most important consideration when designing a bathroom is the amount of space available. A narrow bathroom can be cramped, so make the most of the limited space with clever storage solutions. One simple way to maximize space is to install floating shelves over the sink and toilet. These are the perfect place for storing towels and other personal items. You can even add mirrors to the walls for a modern effect. But the most popular bathroom design idea may be the one you’ve already implemented in your home.

To add a touch of style to a small space, use a streamlined design. A sleek and simple sink, a recessed toilet, and a simple vanity will make your bathroom look more spacious. A traditional country style bathroom by Debra Delorenzo has a classic country theme, complete with a vintage faucet and a matching cabinet. The entire room is designed so that all accessories work together to create a consistent look.

Another bathroom design idea is to incorporate a feature wall. It can be painted in a bright color, such as turquoise, or it can be tiled. The colour of the wall should contrast with the rest of the bathroom. The lighting should also be subtle, so it won’t distract from the room’s main features. The bathroom should be equipped with adequate lighting. Adding a skylight or LED strips in the ceiling will make the feature wall stand out and help with illumination.

To add some extra storage in your bathroom, think vertically. Instead of floor-to-ceiling tiles, use shelving or shelves that are higher. These will make your bathroom appear larger. You’ll be surprised at how many decor items and bath products clutter a small bathroom. Marie Kondo is a proponent of eliminating clutter to give your space a fresh new look. A good bathroom design should make the room flow with the rest of the house.

Bathrooms with small spaces can be the perfect place to display art. A solid enclosure is less likely to take up visual space, so you can display a variety of artwork. A large floating cabinet can ground the room. A recessed mirror on the ceiling can ‘double’ the size of a bathroom. Using a wall mirror to ‘double’ the size of the space will enlarge your bathroom. Similarly, awkward corners in the walls can be transformed into a storage space or shower cubicles.

To add character to your bathroom, consider a feature wall. A feature wall can be a feature wall, which is either a bright colour or a tiled wall. While it might be an inconspicuous piece of décor, it will be an eye-catcher and enhance the overall look of your bathroom. If you want to be more creative in your bathroom design, you can install a mini mirror above the sink. A skylight will make your feature-wall stand out.