Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Small bathrooms are an opportunity to add character and style to your home. The decor can be understated, yet still make a statement. The minty powder room features shiny paint instead of tile, and a free-standing sink framed in ebony. To add some extra floor space, remove the medicine cabinet, which is made of glass and can be removed for mobility. Choose colours that match the rest of your home, including those used in your kitchen and living rooms.

bathroom design ideas

To keep the look uniform throughout your home, use a neutral palette. Try a bold accent color like blue or green. You can also use a bold, modern tile to create a unique look. Darker tones are also an excellent choice for bathrooms, as they create the illusion of space while tying everything together. For a classic country style, consider using a copper sconce to create an elegant accent. These fixtures are also functional and will help bring your bathroom’s overall style to a new level.

If you have limited space, try using a light tile pattern or a single long slab. This will create a visually larger space. You can also try removing any wall separations and installing floating shelves. To make a more modern look, use white ceiling-to-floor tile and a simple white tub coping. For a truly unique look, consider adding a stained glass window to change the color of the light in the room.

Floating shelves are a modern option for small bathrooms. These shelves are a great way to showcase small items, and they can even be a part of the design. A black-and-white stone-imitation tile is a good choice for a bathroom. This color will look ashy, so regular dusting is essential. A wall-to-wall divider will help separate the toilet from the bath, and the space above the cistern can be filled with ebony cabinets. A speckled vanity will pair well with a jungle print shower curtain. A bamboo-patterned tile looks beautiful with the wood-trimmed vanity.

You can create a bathroom that is harmonious with the bedroom. Coordinating colors and styles will create a sense of coziness and warmth. A white bathroom can also be a wonderful place to place a skylight. In addition to choosing a color scheme, you should also consider the lighting. Task lighting near the mirror is useful, but you should also install dimmable lights behind the bath. Always choose IP-rated light fittings for bathrooms.

Floating vanities can make a small bathroom look larger. A floating vanity is easy to do yourself, and you can use a tiled countertop if you want to. Another option is a large feature wall. A small, accent wall is a perfect spot for a beautiful mirror. Alternatively, you can choose a tiled vanity. Regardless of what your preference, you will have a beautiful bathroom. It’s a great way to add style to your home.