Avoid These Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Common bathroom renovation mistakes

The bathroom is a small space with a big job to do, and whether you’re redoing the master suite, the powder room or a child’s bath, it’s easy to make mistakes that can impact your project. But the good news is that these common bathroom renovation mistakes are fairly easy to avoid — if you know what to look for.

One of the biggest bathroom remodeling mistakes is focusing on aesthetics without considering function. This can lead to a space that looks great, but doesn’t actually work well or feel comfortable to use on a daily basis. There are many things that can go wrong here, such as the layout not being functional, not enough storage, an inconvenient location for shower or bath controls, lack of proper ventilation and so on.

Another mistake that’s common in bathrooms is not properly planning the lighting. It’s essential that the lights are placed strategically to illuminate all areas of the bathroom effectively, including corners and crevices. Also, it’s important that the light fixture you choose matches or complements the rest of the lighting in your home. This will help create a cohesive and seamless look throughout the room.

The last big mistake homeowners or inexperienced renovators often make is not having a detailed and comprehensive design plan in place. This is a must-have for any home renovation project, and especially for a bathroom remodel. A design plan helps to ensure that all aspects of the renovation, from budget to timing to final finishes, are clearly outlined and understood. It can also serve as a guide for the contractor to follow and prevent missteps and costly errors during the remodel.

It’s also essential to have a detailed plumbing and electrical plan in place before beginning any bathroom renovations. If you don’t have these plans, it can be difficult to find an electrician or plumber who can complete the work in a timely and cost-effective manner. It can also be extremely frustrating to discover unforeseen issues or costs later on in the project.

Finally, it’s a big mistake to overlook the importance of a quality ventilation system. This is especially crucial in bathrooms, where steam and humidity can build up on the walls and cause mold and mildew. Be sure to work with a professional to determine if the existing ventilation will still be adequate after your renovation is complete.

No matter how careful you are during your renovation, there is always a chance something will go wrong. That’s why it’s a good idea to include an emergency access panel in your bathroom. This will allow you to get into the plumbing quickly and easily in case of an emergency, without having to bash through your beautiful new tile work. This is an especially important consideration if you are planning to put in a new tub or shower, since it’s difficult to access the plumbing from the inside of the wall. Ideally, the emergency access panel will be located in an area that is not visible when you are finished with the project, such as in a closet or hallway.